Gully/Gaza Intellectuals

Someone asked me Gully/Gaza, when I responded that person was literally shocked , to the point where his distaste was evident in his face. He asked, 'how dare I take a side in such a morbid affair where people are tearing themselves up and children are choosing sides'. I have no intent on being cliche but I am my own woman. I was grown by parents who took the time out to guide me to be the person today, a Jamaican with free will and an ear to hear what she will, as such I can say what I chose.

This person continuously ranted on the implications of me answering in such a manner. I would ask, 'what implications could there be for that question being asked of me?', it is a question, questions are meant to be answered. Denying the fact that I do have a favorite of the two artistes cited in the phenomenon would be a lie. Why should I lie to protect the ears of my fellow man who thinks I am immature and foolish?
What I would say to this person is that the artiste I prefer had been around for a long time, has a lot of songs I like and a lot I dislike as well. I would not date him, I do not want to be his friend and would be shocked if he was to call my cellphone. I do however appreciate the little nuances of lyrics that make me smile at the genius of his words. If people want to draw battle lines and throw stones that is their business, I don't go around blaring music from any side, neither do I plaster posters on my car, but if you ask me I will answer.

From what I have seen on facebook and these sites where only literate people can traverse, most people have their favourite or hates both artistes, which is their decision. Mine is that I hate none of them, but I prefer one. Hate me or love me for that. What I implore people making judgments not to do is judge someone by the music they listen to or people they like. Me liking some music isn't killing anyone. I love Eminem's music (a lot of it really), one of the most controversial rappers of our time, don't crucify me for it. If you only find beauty in Jazz, that's just your calling, I like most music genres, hate no artiste, but I prefer some over others.
What I say to my fellow Gully/Gaza intellectuals who though university educated are showing your like or dislikes on facebook, through the various polls and creative picture manipulations, we still have freedom of speech so you are free to say what you want to.

What I say to those who dislike us for our choices is that, it takes more energy to fume at every one and less energy to 'love them...tender touch them..'

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