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So I was on my way home, bored and tired. Because of the ban on CD players in public passenger vehicles I was listening to the radio, Beyond The Headlines to be exact. They were playing part of the skit that was done in parliament promoting the legalization of abortion in Jamaica. To me it was boring, one sided and far from the truth, but I am a cynic so you don't have to take my word for it.

In one of the scenes, this 'uptown' lady was telling how her daughter got raped by a 'notorious' gunman in school and after a successful abortion she (all claps here) became a nurse. This obviously shows some lack of creativity on the side of the screen writers. First of all if she was that 'uptown', why couldn't she have hired a nanny to care for the child so that her daughter could go back to school? Why is she so proud that she is a nurse when she could have been a doctor? How did the abortion help her to become a nurse? Since she could have predicted that her daughter life would have been ruined if she had had the child, I guess she must also have predicted that the grandchild would amount to nothing significant in life, probably a 'notorious' gunman like his/her father.

Another scene had a woman talking about the ill effects she experienced after using various contraceptive methods, from felling sick to fainting. This 'sensible' woman said since she 'couldn't' practice family planning then of course she should be allowed to abort any pregnancy that may occur. Tell me now, are you giving the ladies the option of abortion as a contraceptive method? Abortion is Legal in Barbados. A study was done couple of years ago on the effect of abortion on the young females there. It was observed that a lot of the young girls no longer fear pregnancy because abortion is readily available, they therefore tend to have unprotected sex even more.(When I find the link I will add it). This lady in the play is putting her life in danger because an abortion is as risky as any other medical procedure. How many times will she have to have an abortion in her lifetime? Why doesn't she just stop having sex?

I am against abortion unless the mothers life is in terminal danger. A product of a rape is still a child, an child conceived in incest is still a child, a deformed child is still a child.When people say that rape victims should be allowed to abort to save 'face' , they need to realize that the only face, hand and head needed to be saved is that of the child. Shame go away in time. If you fall your neighbor talks about it, if you carry the child they will talk about it, if you have an abortion and they know they will talk about it.

In the end who are you saving?
In the end who should be saved?
I don't have the answer, only my opinion.

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