Race of the Educated

If education is not a shackle what can it be? Because all a man needs is a job he can do with what knowledge he has, yet he gets stuck in a cycle of getting knowledge he will never use.

I was tired of school 7 years ago when I finished high school, I was tired 5 years ago when I finished 6th form, I was tired 3 years agoburger when I finished my B.Sc. and I am still tired from all of that. But, I have to press on still, thinking M.Sc.’s and PHD’s almost 24/7. even thought many jobs have not become harder, like flipping burgers for instance, but yet they need freaking high school diplomas.

There are many people complaining about the need for high qualifications to do menial jobs, I have to tell them ‘Imagine its your business, if you could get a college graduate to do the job and pay him at the same rate as a high school graduate, which would you prefer?’. It is sometimes as simple as that, some markets are saturated with degrees in fields of low hiring and diplomaas such, these graduates are sometimes forced to work way below their pay scale, and of course the companies get ‘educated’ help at a cheaper rate. 

I am in no means saying the more education you have the more capable you are at doing ‘any’ job, but seriously some employers just want to know you can read, and having a degree proves just that and eliminates the need for some trivial entrance test. As some HR persons would say, a degree makes you employable.

So now I am employed, and happy to be employed too, but guess what… to keep this job I just got to keep on getting the education I may not ever use, at schools which I may hate , to keep the job I may lose.

My truth..you?

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