Coindences of a New Driver

On the journey to work some mornings I  noticed something peculiar. At a particular spot there always seemed to be a steady steam of water wetting up my windshield, and no rain is ever falling. At first it seemed that it must be dew from the trees, but on closer inspection I noted it was coming from the the car before me as the driver washed his windshield. This happen on numerous other mornings so of course I was intrigued as to what the reason for this 'habit' was. On a sunny morning like any other this week, while going to work, on approaching a particularly treacherous corner (cliff on one side , wall of stone on the other), I was instantly blinded by an enormous white glare. It seemed at first that some monstrous white vehicle was now blocking my view but then I realized that it was the sun shining down on the windscreen. I panicked for a while as I was almost on the corner, feverishly blowing so any on-comer would know a car was coming but I was still unable to see anything. I eventually resorted to sticking my head through the window slightly because I was adverse to the idea of going around a corner blinded. After thanking God for allowing me to clear the corner, and now being able to see, I pondered what could be the reason for this sudden glare, I have gone around that corner numerous times at the same time and never had I experienced that before. I then looked at my windshield, I could see though it clearly, but on closer inspection I noticed a cloudy film on the inside that I could easily erase with the palm of my hand. After doing that, the sun seemed less glaring. Haha, the solution to my previous predicament, my windshield simply wasn't cleaned properly.

Soon after I reached the 'clean your windshield spot' and as if on que most of the cars in front of me started to spurt water. Haha, revelation, their windshields werent clean either and they were trying to clean it, most of them seemingly using all the water the car had. I should tell them though that the problem is most likely on the inside. Whew, and it took me almost having an accident to find that out. The detetctive in me is still happy that mystery is sloved. And now when I drive by that spot and people start to wash their windshields, I just reach out with my palm and give mine a rub. :-)

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