Pleasure Seekers

That is what we are. Fused into our DNA is the urge to seek a pleasurable response in each act we do. It is understandable that some of the most human craves are based on physically deficiency, such as hunger, but I think the need to fill our bellies hovers on the need for us to feel full - satisfied. We quench our thirst thus eliminating it and making us satisfied, or at least diminishing it to a bearable level. These observations by me are in no means scientifically proven, at least not that I know of or have researched.

My son hates school on and off, depends on his mood in ticecreamhe morning when he awakes, or whether he got the chance to take a toy to school that day. I hated school a lot of times too, but I was gearing up for the ultimate pleasure, unbeknownst to me. What our parents were preparing us for was the ability to be self sufficient, to be educated enough to have a decent job that paid the bills and then some. The pride of accomplishing this feat gives them pleasure, but the greater pleasure is reserved for us.

These pleasures lie in moving out of your sailing family home, not cleaning if you don't want to , eating ice-cream at all hours of the night etc. etc. For the extremely carnally minded, this new found 'freedom' and money to splurge often leads to greater pleasures of intimacy and self exploration. Pleasures that seep into the bones of our being, and on which we thrive the rest of our lives – and strive for, seeking fulfilling companionship, relationships, ‘offices’, distinctions, religious affiliations,  then heading for a 'pleasurable’ retirement. Yes, pleasure seekers we all are. We do things more to please ourselves than even others.

My current pleasure? Blogging, ice-cream , family - not necessarily in that order- and of course, other things :-). That's my truth, don't hide your pleasures from yourself.


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