Duppy Stories

Duppies, do they exist? I don't believe in them anymore. Its a fear I once had. Back then graves were scary and I would bite my ten fingers if I dared to point at them. I was drowning in that fear, needing company to pass the graveyard to my home. Needing company to go every where. That changed soon enough as my brother soon couldn't be bothered with me and I had to swallow bravely and step out. I had to be willing then to go home from school without him, go home from the movies in the dark, by myself, without him, after any scary movie - did I tell you I lived near a graveyard?

I grew. I realized that there was nothing to fear but fear itself - and the boys who sneaked out before me after the Sunday night matinee and made their way into the grave yard, hiding behind a fallen tree, and scaring me breathless. So horrid was the scare that I ran down the lane and straight into the the house, breathless, voiceless. I then knew that there was no way a duppy would do that. What I should fear was people. Though I kept an eye on the graves and an eye on the bushes when I had to go home at night again, the thumping of my heart was more for a rising human form than a ghostly 'Casper-like' one. I was wary of strangers, subtle moves and sneaky actions. I became more wary of my surroundings and now I love Horror Movies!

Truth be told I am glad Ghosts aren't real, or are they?

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