The Waiting Game

Patience is a virtue they say. It is a a good trait to have. A person who will wait around in an impatient manner for change, love or tangible things is a good person. But I wonder if that person isn't just good to the world and not necessarily good to themselves.
We often sit around waiting, because we are patient, because we don't want to offend by seemingly greedy gestures, because we are optimistic. We wait on a better job, a better life, the children to grow up. We wait on life to sweep us off our feet, for life to get better so we can attend Church, get married, get rid of the crosses in our lives. But seriously, what are we waiting on?
What was given to man, except life that he didn't have to work for? There is walking, talking, breastfeeding, learning and that possibly dead end job. Its up to us as individuals, I believe, to take our own bull by its horn, wheel him around and set him straight on the path. We need to realize that every journey begins with a step and as such take this step and see where it will take us. It may not take us exactly where we would expect, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Sitting around and waiting until change comes means that we will accept whatever comes. Instead of accepting fate, it would be more beneficial for us to create it.

I hope I take my own advice. That is the truth.

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