To whom much is given..

Are you blessed? Are you truly blessed? With the gift of sight you view my words, you see therefore you are blessed. With hands that can work for a living , feet that can walk, ears that can listen music, lips than can talk, we are blessed. To whom much is given much is expected, this is a phrase I often heard/hear. What does it mean to you who are less physically, emotionally and financially challenged than many others?

To me it means that two pound of rice can feed a lot more people than one pound can. To me it means that what you can do for yourself you can also do for others, both those who can and cannot do things for themselves. It means that simple things like washing the dishes should be a blessing, mainly because you can. It is choice to you when and how you use your fingers, wrist and elbows because you have them all.

When I pass by the Disabilities Foundation of Jamaica school on Constant Spring road and see the students hurrying to school I always acknowledge how blessed I am. It is not a matter of thinking they are abnormal when I am , it is just a matter of accepting how much harder my life would have been if I was born with some of the complications they were born with. It makes me consider the wider idea of fate and destiny ... What's my purpose in this life?

If the servant who got one talent from his master and hid it was punished, what more for us with many? Will we be punished more? Or is the art of the heart in the mind and not the physically provisions given to us? Indeed a famed singer can gather so much more support than an unknown, but really is my help judged by quality or quantity? Is it judged by the ease in which it is done or how much I have to put out to provide it?

Remember the parable in the bible where the old lady came and gave all she had in tithes while the rich Pharisees and Sadducees lavishly threw in bags of money (conspicuously so to get attention). Who then gave more?

To whom much is given much more is expected, to me that is the truth.

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