The Happy Hog

Well that's the name of a new jerk place on Constant Spring road. I really don't know what is so happy about the place or the hog that is to be eaten. Frankly I would think twice about eating at a place called 'The Happy Hog'. Its logo/sign is that of a smiling pink pig with the words 'The Happy Hog' covering its hind quarters. It boasts 'Boston like jerked pork'. Hmmm.. It does not sell pet pigs, it actually sells them cooked. Its not immediately obvious who the 'happy' refers to...the now dead hog or me.

I did learn something in UWI's Ventureship and Entrepreneurship program. A few talented men and women taught me that no one wants to associate feelings for the animal that was once the food that they are now eating. I mean, we don't want to see a happy clucking hen and chicks on a fried chicken bag. That would just be too cruel. That would be an evil form of mockery.What would be the point of these expensive ad campaigns trying to get customers when you make them feel guilty as they soon as they see the bag or box the chicken/pork/beef is in? That's like torment for a hungry man.

I know the darn chicken leg was once a chicken, I don't need to be reminded. I know the beef was once a cow,it may have had a few calves too. I am not a vegetarian so I have to hide whatever remorse I feel for my food. Therefore I personally would have created an icon with a sumptuous piece of jerk pork instead of a smiling 'happy hog'.
(When I get a logo I will post it)

What do you think about that?

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