2011 - The Good Samaritan Evolved

Who would have thought this story would have played out again in the 21st century? A child in desperate, critical, human-inflicted need ,laying  mangled on a street have proven not to be enough to stir the hearts of men.

What could have predicted my horror at seeing a video on YouTube where a two year old child was ran over by two SEPARATE vans and lay in a busy marketplace bloody and dying, yet about 16 ADULTS passed by, some even going to the other side of the street, NOT ONE of them stopped to offer assistance. It brought chills to my body watching it, as my anguish turned to anger. Where had humanity gone?

What can trigger the hearts of men to empathize with their neighbor and display a genuine concern for their well being?

View the video below and decide for yourself. It is graphic.

How can you not wish the most vile punishment for the drivers of the two vehicles and the passersby alike? In the end it was a scavenger – a person who collects scrap to sell- who found the child and rushed to his assistance. As she looked up and down the market for help there was none. She tried to pull the battered child up, he almost fell to pieces in her hands.

Great is the void that blurs our compassion.

If that was your child, how would you feel? I hear stories of persons getting hit down by cars of even shot and of passersby refusing to take the injured to hospital because they didn't want to get their car seat ‘bloodied up’. How much do we value a life? How much do we value the feeling of triumph when our valiant efforts are rewarded?

Once I was walking and saw a kitten on the side of the road, wet from the torrential rain. Its little whimpers drew my eyes to find it as it lay in a pile of leaves, I bent down to examine the gray little bundle, it was so small it could probably  fit in the palm my hand. It was covered with maggots(fly larvae) and was badly bruised. My heart shivered. I wanted to take it home but there were so many logical reasons I couldn’t. I was staying with my aunt in a tiny place – NO ANIMALS ALLOWED. I forced my self to walk on and prayed that someone else would save it. It was not there on my journey back, and I do no know what happened. I still remember that cat though, each time I think that my inaction could have passively killed it. You will find out how I did try to make up for it  in a next post . :-)

If such compassion can be felt for a cat, how much more so for a human? My truth. What say you?.

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