Bad Luck being Worst than Obeah

I haven't  written in a long time. I guess you can say life has finally grabbed me by the bull horns and is now riding me for all I am worth.

I have had the fortune of having wonderful friends and some of them have had the misfortune of having horrendous luck. I wish voodoosometimes that when I am here praising my lucky stars for something that just came through right on time, I could be  comforted by the fact that things are going well for them also.

Well life is not like that. We all have our doldrums, some of us more than others. If I believed in obeah/voodoo/witchcraft I would probably cast my blame that way. But I don't believe in such things.

Imagine though.. have something ever happened to you that is so bad, or have such bad timing that it is impossible to think that it may just be fate?. and it crosses your mind, once or twice that maybe someone must hate you very much.. And because we would not like to think that it is God, we say it must be a human in syncobeahh with the devil, rubbing up oils and chanting around fires to get you down.. And you may even start to flash back a little, thinking of the ‘bad’ things you did.. maybe the boyfriends/girlfriends you stole or even someone you may have been mean to.. and you wonder where little ‘bucked teeth Shirley is’..

*Sigh* . Life just gets us like that sometimes, but we should all know even though ‘to whom much is given much is expected’, this doesn't mean constant bad luck means you are unfavoured. It means your purpose in life is so tremendous and awe-inspiring , you need to a little toughening up first.

To all my friends and others who may be experiencing bad times in their lives, keep on, press on, move on. There are better days ahead. XXX.

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