Wallowing in our own mud

This crime thing is getting out of hand, indeed it has taken up its own feet and is terrorizing the nation. What are we to do?

Editorial Cartoon for Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life in Jamaica can now be depicted exactly as the above picture shows, we are all targets! We are a big school of fish in a small pond waiting to be hooked.  Great emphasis should be placed on the world school because it is either that we as a society has not learned or the classes are empty, because there is nothing substantial that have been done to curtail this giant menace. It is tragic to think that the days when people would think they would die of old age are long gone, instead most people, especially our men are content to even making it to thirty.

I don't understand it. Days are gone when people would murder solely for revenge, it is like they are robbing you now and killing you just because ‘you shouldn't have something so nice anyway’. I am appalled to think that children are growing up in a society that will soon lack all ambition because you become a target for what you have and have earned though HARD WORK. I guess hard work is now a crime.

Case in point, just this morning there was a story in the newspaper about a robbery that occurred in some ‘rich’ neighborhood. Apparently, the thieves cowardly killed the sole female in the house by stabbing her repeatedly, bounding her, and also cutting her throat. You may ask what kinds of diamonds they made off with. I don't know, but I am sure it was nothing that justified killing her. What the story does say is that they found appliances in the driveway next to her car, apparently the thieves couldn't start it and had to abandon the mission. These criminals are robbing people of their loved ones and the country of its soul and sometimes for NOTHING!.

And for some people, like me, they are robbing us of our patriotic right to stay in our own country and make it better.*sigh*

My truth, what say you?

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