Whoaaah, No U.S. Visa huh?

Welcome to the club Beenie, Bounty and Movado. I do not have one either, but then again, that's not how I pay my bills.

The newest ‘news’ on the street is of course the news that some of our more popular DJ’s have lost their US visa’s for work and personal travel, with no reason being given. I feel it for them, not because I understand what they are going trough, but because I understand that they stand to lose a lot of money by not being able to perform at the many gigs I am sure they would have been getting this summer in the US and Europe. There is also bad news for the taxman, because  less revenue means less tax.

beenie_visa_gone I find it very comical how grown – and educated- men and women sit debating and writing letters to the editors of various magazines about the plights of these entertainers. Most  of these ‘contributors’ act like they couldn't wait for such a thing to have befallen their fellow brothers. Some of them blame the consequences on anti-gay songs sung by some of the artistes. There are however many artists who are vocally against homosexuality and still have their visas, so the verdict is still out. Some critics are up in heaven rejoicing at the fact that some of the ‘lewd’ songs being sung by these DJ’s will now not be heard by U.S.’s kids, implying that these DJs were the source of all the worldly music that is unfriendly to kids and totally ignoring the fact that all these songs are still in cyberspace.

Quite frankly I cannot judge what prompted the US to cancel such visa’s and unless they get a written reason I doubt most of these DJ's know what these reasons are. I just think people should stop rejoicing when bad or damaging things befall each other. This is not a good trait.

Just be happy that you still have your visa, and maybe try and censor the music that doesn't need to fly in on airplanes to your kids, but is right there on the internet.

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