Sexing it up ’at work’..

I was called a sexist this week. Not a feminist, a ‘sexist’. One who is totally against males –I being a female. I was appalled mainly because of the reason I was called a sexist and not because I have  never done anything that could be called sexist – because I have.

Being at my workplace for almost 2.5 years I have noted that my ‘newness’ have worn off. I personally have no problem with tnomenhat as to me that means I am settling into the organization. That  particular day was kind of trying though, as a fellow from another department was assigned a task to do some installations on my PC from 3 weeks before. It still wasn't complete. He kept giving excuses, blamed me a couple times for requesting the wrong thing, kept leaving me the  tools to do it myself etc. etc. And of course I didn't report him because I was being ‘nice’, but I did eventually let him know how he was hinjoindering my tasks by commending his lack of work ethics (in a sarcastic way). Of course I would get irritated, and not just because I was a female.

I have realized years ago that If you do not exhibit some form of  sexuality to men, which can in turn garner some kind of physical attraction, they downgrade your priority. Men are sometimes ruled so much by attraction and their libido that most women have seen instances in womanheelswhich males will trip over themselves to gain a female’s attraction. This is in no way a non-compliment to me. It just means that those men wouldn't be worth the hassle as they are too easily swayed. Why should I need to be flirty to get a man to stop for an hour to do his job..the job that he is PAID TO DO..
My truth, what's yours?

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