Empathizing with you

“Empathy is a way for me to be less confrontational and less insensitive to people in their time of pain.”

I have grown from where I try to find reasons to justify the outcome, to a point where I can accept the results and trying to share the grief of family and friends who are left grieving after a particularly traumatic situation.

I wasn't always like that. Once there was a part of me that  blamed people for driving drunk and 'killing' themselves, or 'careless' persons grief who neglectfully cause accidents and eventually, a life of pain and suffering for remaining loved ones. But is it always the way it seems? More importantly, since we cant go back in past and change tragedies, shouldn’t recovery be the ideal road to take instead of bitterness/revenge?

In recent tragedies there have been so much blame being thrown around. In Haiti people want to blame the structure of the buildings on improper building codes, the poverty of the people on America and other superpowers and the suffering of the people on their ‘satanic’ use of Voodoo. I don't think that's where we should be as a people with bellies that go hungry, families that we feel for and futures that we look to.

In Jamaica, I am tired of persons commenting on these tragic stories with scornful attitudes. Blaming mother’s for their own poverty as a result of having ten children (with no fathers) may be conveying truth, but where does that go in terms of forgiveness and helping a fellow human move forward? Yes, their parents were careless but there bellies are still empty. Lets at least empathize with them, then we may be able to feel our hearts twitch – maybe just enough- to give them a helping hand.

When parents send their children out to school for the first time by themselves and they get abducted, don't spend all the time blaming rip the parent for what may have been a well thought out decision on their part , and an evil act on the part of the abductor. Take the time to feel even a bit of the pain the parents may be in, think it may just have been you or someone you know personally, just empathize.

My truth, and maybe yours also.

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