With Technology I can….

With technology there are so many things I can do that I couldn't do before, it is amazing. Well, maybe I shouldn't say ‘before technology’ and should in fact say, before I could ‘afford’  little bits technology. Some of the things I can now do – that can be made public -are ;

  • Wash at 7 pm in the night after watching lifetime all day.
  • Watch cartoons beyond the kids cartoon hour on TVJ or CVM.
  • Warm up leftovers without lighting the stove.www
  • Help my friends celebrate their special days from miles away.
  • Send ‘instant’ letters.
  • ‘Google’ information.
  • Blog
  • Say ‘hi’ to people I have never met.
  • Look at pictures of people I never liked in school, and so do not necessarily would look at in person.
  • Tell lies in a less obvious manner.
  • Demonstrate the truth by showing pictures with evidence.
  • Read the paper daily, something that is tedious to do without a computer.
  • and also spell check.

These are only some of the things of course. There is no need for me to bore you by typing the entire list.

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