Shy Girl

Maybe I am shy. I came to this conclusion today after years of speculating as to why I don't seem to like people. I like persons/individuals yes, but even when these people come together in a group, I want to exit.
It could be that I am antisocial  or maybe I am a total control freak and I feel that I am unable to control an environment in which too many people are.noisy-crowd
This happens with children too, weird because I love children and I have a ‘child’ and want more. But the same way it is for the big ones, it is even more so with these tiny humans I just cant be around more than 5 of them at a time, especially when they all want to talk – headache!.
I would rather resolve that I am shy than any other weird/psycho analysis, even though some of the stuff that happens when I am in crowds are totally weird ….. to other people. Some of these things include;
  • feeling faintish
  • loss of breath
  • dizziness
  • tightness of the chest
I could attribute all of this to extreme claustrophobia –which I do have -, but I could be in a totally open space and still feel stifled if too many persons are around.
You know what, I am just weird. I will admit that, and accept it as the truth.

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