Reasons Not To Marry Him

I am by no means a good judge of character or a psychologist, but with the number of couples tying the knots nowadays I have been wondering to myself, since most women eventually want to get married, what are some of the possible reasons for her to forego the ring and the 'Mrs' status. Here is my opinionated list of reasons to say no to him.
  •  He is a impulsive cheater. He did it last year and you forgave him. He did it last month and you forgave him. You forgave him for another episode the week before he proposed.
  • He is lazy. I mean lazy to the point where he refuses to fold his towel, replace his toothbrush or even make the bed. This seems like the guy who expecting to marry a housemaid, get him in line or tell him no. If he really wants you, He will be willing to make adjustments.
  • He has poor hygiene. This is definitely a deal buster, come on. Do not let it be like on Divorce Court when the wife had to file for divorce because her husband refused to take a bath. There are early signs, clear the 'matta' out of your eye and see them.
  • He is mean, I mean you have to beg him to buy food mean. You have to buy him everything, including food when you are going by his house and toiletries for him when they are out. He will definately not change when he marries you. Say no.
This is in no way a complete list as each of us are particular and has pet peeves which would far outweigh any  reason I could ever give.

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