Reasons Not To Marry Her

So, you have found the girl you want to call your wife. Congrats to you brother, you are a brave soul and you should be praised, unless your fiancée has some of the traits below which could make matrimony less 'harmonious' than you would want it to be. Here are some of my reasons not to marry her.
  • Yes, we have to dethrone 'sketel' queens. If she is known to be unfaithful, don't think that the ring will change her it wont. If she doesn't have a desire to change and does not change before you propose -not before the wedding- then do not go through with it.
  • She is totally undomesticated and unwilling to learn.This is not the simple 'she-doesn't-cook' scenario, its more like she is unwilling to wash a dish, or even make a sandwich. She doesn't make the bed, neither does she sweep her hair from the floor after brushing her hair in front of the dresser for 30 minutes. She thinks cooking will 'spoil her nails' and that take-out is a sign of wealth.
  • She is self-centred. Yes, we know men are like that too, but we have to retain some of the traditional roles when we speak of relationships in that, its hard to be self centred and raise kinds -if you plan on having any. If she spends your money and hoards hers and has money for shopping but never for gas, then you may be getting yourself into some deep trouble. If she goes out shopping every day and never buy u a sock, something may be up with this gal. Speak to your mother and see what she says.
  • She tells her friends everything, and I mean everything. Her friends know about all your moles, your bad habits, how much money you make, everything. This means the good stuff getting out too yes, but when friends are so much into your life they will make your marriage fail, mainly because one of them may become infatuated with you - that spells trouble. You want your woman to have a life of her own, but when her friends know which side of the bed you sleep on, that's just enough.
So, these are some issues to consider, before you buy the ring and not before the wedding day. I would hate for anyone to be left at the altar. Choose and choose wisely brothers.

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