Why Women Do Not Commit Suicide

I have always said that suicide is a selfish act. I have said less often that men are selfish creatures. In the past week I have read a article indicating that of the 140 odd people who killed themselves in the past three years only 13 were women. The article then go on to imply that is through the manipulative ways of women that men have been seduced and then driven mad.

According to this article "women are less inclined to commit suicide because their thinking is more inclusive. While a man might tend to throw aside seemingly peripheral issues to get to the core of a problem, a woman might take more things into account. She may continue to seek input and process problems long after the point where men decide on a course of action." Meaning men are more impulsive, they get the idea in their head and go with it without seeking further solutions or possible repercussions to their actions. I dont believe that when a man kills himself in his backyard because his children has nothing to eat he is being sensible. Firstly a lot more burden will be placed on his family because we all know he will be buried in 'fine style'. Wasting money. I would have preffered if such person had decides to beg, put aside their pride until better came. I do not believe I would commit suicide for many reasons such as it being a sign of cowardice, the emotional trauma my family will endure and the fact that even murdering yourself is a sin.

I am irked by tales of suicide but I am enraged when men have to kill their women and children before taking their own lives. Selfishness. They have had their life, even if it hadn't gone that way they wanted it to, and yet they deny their children of the opportunities to fulfill their destiny. They deny their women/wives the chance of happiness. Regardless of what a person does to someone emotionally, there is no plausible  reason to take their life. I am a firm believer in the possibilities of the future and reuniting/moving on. We should always look at the possibility of better coming and not just how bad it is today. Maybe it is because, as some people would say, 'man easy to get' so a woman will be more inclined to move on that go berserk after a broken heart. I do not know if that's the reason as I would rather think women have more common sense and always consider the children, their parents and the bigger picture. Maybe it is because I am a female but I know many more tales of women being betrayed and shunted by men than of men going through emotional distress. A woman will have her heart broken a thousand times and get up, while a man will get a 'dis' and kill himself.  Maybe men are the ones who need special grooming from a  young age so that they will be able to manage emotional stress better.

The truth is a lot of them are psychos and you don't even know it. You wont know until you decide to leave them, and then , if you are lucky, really lucky , he will be one of the kinds that can walk away. What are the odds of that?

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