A 'Gaza Mi Seh' ...but...

A Gaza mi seh .. What does that mean? It means to me that in a choice of Mavado and Vybz Kartel, Kartel has won in my book. Why?
There are many reasons. First of which to me is talent, talent, talent. Vybz to me is definitely a more talented lyricists as his compositions are more intellectually challenging, thought provoking and vocabulary driven. I am bored easily by Mr. Gully's endless repetition of lines throughout his songs, as if the song is a chorus in itself. My biggest disappointment is 'So Special', I can get its international appeal because indeed it is easy to catch like a nursery rhyme.. but as for content, it is extremely lacking.
I am in no way a fanatic fan of the Gaza man himself, most of his music hurt my mind. They are a little too crass for me. I will however listen to the edited version, listen to his words, smile at his use of the weirdest metaphors ever. Considering myself also a writer, I find the hidden meaning of his popular lines, even though most of them could be deciphered by a twelve year old child. There lies the 'but'. Most of lines should not be heard by a 12 year old. And there lies the problem.
I have no problem with the Broadcasting Commissions stance on cleaning up the radio waves because I thought it nonsense to be playing any song that half of it has to be bleeped out. Especially gun songs as I find those even more traumatizing that sexually explicit ones. A sexual explicit song rouses thoughts of sex, a violent one invokes thoughts of confrontations and violence. I take the bus so I know how stimulating both kinds of songs can be to the younger generation, boisterous, sociable and wanting to fit it. A lot of them cannot control the urges that comes with stimulating music.

I give him his props but I know he can do much better in terms of cleaning up the message. I do believe parents need to stop blaming only the music for the acts their children commit because if they had the time and dedication they would ensure their children took JUTC and non-lapup buses. I listen and wait on cleaner music with the tell-tale Vybz of the Teacha..

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