All Kinds of *hit

I would like to add my piece to all the banter about the imported fertilizer argument. Of course I have a problem with the fact that the fertilizer is made from faeces. Come on! people would want to write it off and say that farmers have been using poo for years, but remember too that those animals are mainly herbivores or subject to the things we feed them. I am sure the farmer knows exactly what his cows and the pigs he has in his pens eat on a regular basis. There is a big difference to me between putting my hands in processed grass as opposed to whatever some human may consider a delicacy. I do think also that there is a big difference in how animal foods are processed and excreted by their bodies as opposed to ours. Also I would also like to think (don't quote me) that there is a higher possibility that harmful bacteria would be in the faeces of humans before it goes through whatever 'process' the developers and government are so content on backing. I personally distrust such process.

I mean, it is obvious that the government either did not know what it was made from or didn't want it revealed. Conspiracy theory? It was better to appease the farmers than to incur the wrath of the nation when the food prices were going up. I don't know if this cheap fertilizer is making a difference because quite frankly I am still waiting on a decrease in the price of ground produce, tomatoes etc.

These people who are shouting on the top of there voices that it doesn't matter what the fertilizer is made of, are chatting a load of crap (no pun intended). They are probably the ones who only buy imported stuff anyway. The fact of the matter is that if they were the ones who had to put their hands in the stuff it would be a bigger matter. Some of them scorn the dirt on the ground , why wouldn't I think that they would have a problem with being anywhere near to human waste. It does matter, the thought is nasty, and hopefully I have not tasted the fruits of this cheap 'foreign aid' to this date.

Crap is Crap yes, but I would rather thinking that the faeces from which my fertilizer is made of is the backend of 'processed', banana, chicken and other popular Jamaican staples rather than rare steak and caviar.

That's just me anyway. That's the Truth.

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