One Little, Two Little, Three Little Friends from a different country!

It is always intriguing working or going to school with someone from a different country. Their accent is often times the center of many jokes and their misuse of common Jamaican words a good starter to a bad day.
My Barbadian friend from UWI was one of those persons. I would just watch his mouth and then infer what I could from the words I actually understood. Yes he speaks English , but the way he pronounced his words was intriguing to me. How can the same word sound so different from your lips? That is what I frequently wondered and never asked. Without these pronunciation differences some our Caribbean neighbors could not so 'cleanly' misuse pronunciations for the composition of popular and humorous calypso and soca songs. These songs, though obvious to the multitude , like 'she want phone card' (with very strong Trinidadian or Barbadian accent) are 'safe' for airplay, but there is a no-no to some 'daggering' songs. LOL.

As my soca-fanatic friend would say "aaaw bwoy!".

My new friend is from India and he is a different kettle of fish. We often engage in conversations - in English - where we both have to be writing on paper and often times , after many repetitions, the point is still unheard/unsaid. The other day I was singing this song that popped in my head , " I believe in miracles, where u from? , you sexy thing" by Hot chocolate. I was lost in my own little world until my friend promptly replied "India" in an obviously sincere manner. I and another colleague promptly started to laugh, and the person who replied was uncertain as to what caused this outburst. LOL. That surely made my day..

What has our fellow brethren from a different country done for u lately?
Namste (Hindu - Good day) to u !

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