Let's Lament the Sanctity of Dreams

We dream, not as in aspire , but as in act out our indiscretions in our outer consciousness. We lie, cheat , pilfer and all other manner of things in the confines of our mind. For those of us who do not talk in our sleep, this is the perfect time to try the unknown, pursue untrodden territory , conquer previously unconquerable beasts.

We can now defeat the bully, tell your boss what is exactly on your mind or just lay back in the sun on a beach in Peru. People would want to make me believe that my dreams are just a manifestation of what I was thinking when I was awake, but i doubt that is true. Unless i have the most perverse mind. I would like to think that the subconscious mind pieces together what it will, mostly randomly.

It seems to me that characters seen in these midnight wanderings are the most unlikely companions and that roads traversed are those that have only been glimpsed by my physical eyes or teased my imagination at some point. It means then that regardless of what I would want to dream about, my mind still has the final say.

I dream repetitively sometimes. Of monsters, ghouls and goblins, of looping java codes, of tricky elevator rides, of psychotic killers and murderous cliffs. I dream never of love, except if that's what my mind perceives lust to be. Indeed if our dreams are interpreted like thoughts, which are interpreted as subconscious manifestations of fantasies then indeed I have sinned. Indeed I need a confessional box to lay my head, to say my Hail Mary's. But then again, 'whoever says he is without sin is surely lying".

So I say....
Surely let me dream in peace
And if u see me toss and turn
my lips trembling with half words
Let me be
Go back to sleep

If it be some demons that I fight
or some masked figure in the night
If it be my love eternally found
Let me sleep in peace..

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