Loving Hate - When Partners Turn Violent

Some people I know do not watch the news. They do not like how violent it is. They do not mind going without hearing what happened in the day if that meant avoiding hearing of the senseless killing by their fellow-men. Unfortunately I am not like them.

I am soon to be though one of them though, because this last week has been torture.

How can you kill the children you brought into this world just because their mother left you? How can you claim to love a woman and is practically begging her to come back and at the same time attacked her and place a cutlass at her throat?

I know the mother is grieving but that too would have been her fate if she had dared to go back to this murderous man she once loved. He was obviously a demon in disguise because the kind of heart that lead him to do that must be dark inside and out.

A warning to ladies and men, take all threats very seriously. There is a thin line between love and hate. Sometimes we hear of stories of people moving out when their partner is at work or of mothers leaving their young children and going away. And sometimes we ourselves chastise the mother , saying she is a 'careless mother' to leave her child. Sometimes the man will abuse the woman and will not  hurt the child, so why should we condemn a woman to death by insisting she stays 'for the sake of the child'?

Take a note from the movie below, and use humour to highlight how quickly and deadly relationships can turn.

If you see abuse happening, call the police. Newspapers tend to highlight how an attacker is often ' a good man' according to community standards, but some of the times these accolades are rooted in us not wanting to 'speak ill of the dead'. As neighbours we sometimes know that the abuse was going on all along.

Watch out for the psychos in your own home and keep an eye out for your neighbours too.

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