Moving on from hopelessville

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that are hopeless and pointless. Yet sometimes the will to extract ourselves from such situations may elude us and maybe it is not the will as much as it is the “way”. The support may not be there emotionally or maybe the purse is just too empty to make a big step. You have found yourself in Hopelessville, a place where many of us spend somimages (1)e time at some time or the other.

How do we move from Hopelessville?
  1. Firstly you need support in the form of a best friend or family member. Every big step in life will need someone to talk it over with, someone who can be a sounding board and whose judgment you trust.
  2. Make a “big list” of all that you need for the big move. You may need money to start a new career, capital to start a new business or furniture to make a big physical move.
  3. Seek out resources for everything in your “big list”. Place precedence on the cheapest and most convenient avenues.
  4. Take the big leap. Yes! Take a deep breath and jump.
Living in Hopelessville does not have to be the last sentence in your life’s story. Whatever course you want to chart you can do it with a little commitment and throughput.images
If you need help in the big move.. I will be there.

My truth, what is yours?

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