open season on men

Every year, more males are born than females. This may be the reason.

piggiesI am scared for our males. Our sons, husbands, boyfriends, baby-fathers and our fathers are in a war zone. A target is on their backs and those who love them should be scared.

I am VERY scared.

Our men are dying at an alarming rate. The gun is shooting them down, knives are sticking them down and even heart attacks are attacking them out of the blue. In the space of three weeks 3 men I I knew died. No they were murdered.

None of them were my friends, but it seems like it was the first time in my life that I could relate the death scenarios on the daily news to so many faces.

Men who have fathered children, men who themselves  were “children”… our men.

We try to tell our boys to stay away from “bad company”. “Do not stay out late” is a momma’s mantra. However we have come to see death at sleepovers. Death when coming from the grocery store like our young brother Trayvon Martin, death just because…Gang initiations, friends showing off loaded weapons, psychos who don't like Batman-The Dark Knight.

We have to be wary and try not to be weary. Our advice is still relevant. But we also need to be more alert. Suspicion is the order of the day until this war is declared done and the enemy withdraws.

Until then, pray for our men.

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