You know you are getting fat when..

The other morning my son said..”Mommy why your tummy so fat? Are you gonna have another baby”?” and I sighed..Loudly..

No, I am not going to have another baby. I am just a victim of the aging process and the ‘lazing’ process – if there is such a word. In other words I am getting older and lazier. Yup. That is what happens as soon as you leave high school it seems, the pounds start piling on, 1/2 pound at first them 1 pound,then by the time you blink, you cannot fit into your favorite jeans. You know the one. The one that fits your waist with just enough squeeze to not fall down and not too much to hurt. The one that fits your ass purrfectly.. The one you could misplace for half a year and still fit into when you found it. The one you had on when you met your mate.. or something like that. lol .

Suddenly the darn jeans don’t fit.. Nope. Not even if you lay flat on the bed and wriggle. No even if you lotion first. Not even if you skipped dinner. Not even if you suck your tummy in really tight. That’s the sure sign right there. You are putting on weight and you don’t need the scale you have been hiding from to tell you. That’s me right there sans jeans, because I can’t fit into the ones I love. I have migrated to loose tops and stretchy pants..


After two kids, I guess I should not feel bad about a ‘little weight’. Note that only the people not putting on any weight at all can define the problem as ‘little’. They probably weigh the same since high school. *darn*.

I hate the gaining weight part because I hate the solution part..Exercise and eating well. I can cut down the salt and eat less fried stuff at home, but the food at work sucks!! So much so that I have to eat at KFC and Burger King more often than I should. I snack a lot more too since I can’t finish the lunch. Cook and take lunch to work? Sounds easy huh, but as I said 2 kids, which means even though I wake up at 5am I can’t get out of the house before 8am. Most times I don’t even eat breakfast, which results in me starving and being forced to snack when I get to work.

*Sigh* How is your weight challenge going? It is often a challenge, putting on, taking off or even staying at the weight you are at, if that is what you want to do. Instead you, put on weight when you want to lose, lose when you want to gain and fluctuate when all you want to do is wear your favorite pair of jeans..

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