If bad guys were like ‘Swiper’ the Fox

If only the bad guys had bright a orange tail that was visible over bushes so that as you passed by you would be able to view them and thus avoid danger. Wishful thinking huh?

I will keep wishing though. Trial is about to begin on the case of a serial rapist, one who has posed as a taxi driver and raped many women in the rural parishes of Jamaica. So far, the crown claims they have 30 statements from victims that he raped, robbed or both.

The only thing the victims distinctly remembered, his ‘large, red lips’. In any other situation this may have been, well … trivial , but this fact and the numerous little details that were provided , resulted in a sketch finally being made.

The Result:serial_rapist

After week and months of searching he was finally apprehended, identified and is now in custody. If only his big lips were only just MORE than noticeably and actually screamed the fact that he was a predator, I am sure his victims would have heeded.

The streets are a bit safer now, but, I still wish bad guys had bushy tails like Swiper the fox that rustles when he hides in the bushes.


That would be fabulous!

*Swiper the Fox is a fictional Nickelodeon character from the cartoon Dora the Explorer. He always tries to swipe stuff, but is usually detected and deterred before doing so.

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