Reasons to Marry Her

I am sure my friends are watching to see what I will put here. Well if what I type isn't your truth, I certainly believe them. Here are some of my reasons why he should marry her, and claim her as his queen, his empress, his soul-mate.

  • You love her. Simple. She thugs at your heartstrings, is the second beat in your heart. She smiles and everything in your world lights up.
  • She is domesticated, this means she can handle herself, this doesn't means she is to become a housewife. She will need breaks.dutchpot
  • She is kind and loving. This will be essential if you want kids and necessary for your bad days at work, some TLC, maybe just some soothing music or an ear to listen to you.
  • She knows balance. A woman is a social being, but when she cant balance friend time, in-law time and family time, there will be problems. A good woman should know how to balance these things and set the right ambiance in her home.
  • She is a home maker. This does not means she is a carpenter, instead it means that she can put the marriage abode together with what little is there, both financially and physically. This is separate from domesticated, because an undomesticated woman can still be a homemaker, you will just need to give he more money to spend.


These reasons are extremely limited compared to the tons of reasons that men have for choosing their partner. Women may be offended by the shortness of the list, and men may wonder how I didn't mention anything about looks. This is my list however, not yours.

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