Insignificant Road Users

I am sure it says somewhere in the driving handbook that all users are entitled to the road and as such a truck has the same right of use a a bike rider. This doesn't seem to be the case though, as I have stumbled upon some unwritten rules about a 'lower class of users'.

These users can be characterised in many ways, but to my observations the most obvious signs are;
  • These 'lesser' users are a hazard to other road users, usually fast cars with fast engines driven by egotistical males, or large vans with men in a hurry. *statistically*
  • These lesser users often drive too slow on obviously open roadways, with no known speed limit
  • These drivers refuse to squeeze through tiny spaces when taxis/buses stop haphazardly, thus blocking the passage of 'braver' road users
  • These drivers are too 'careless' when pulling onto a major roadway from a minor one, by taking a long time to enter when the roadway is obviously clear, they may prompt other drivers to honk their horns and possible come around to make their own entrance.
  • These drivers need to hear the horn honking behind them as it is the only way to advise them that they are doing something wrong, eg. not pulling onto the sidewalk so they can be overtaken
  • The most obvious trait is that these drivers are women.

I could go on and on, but it seems obvious that it is not the same licensing authority that gave all genders their licences because women seems like the unwanted gender on the road. Before I start to get 'sexist' I will just say I am a lesser driver, I accept it , as such honk at will and you are free to overtake as long as its safe for you.

I have nothing againts male drivers, incase someone thinks I do, I am just speaking the things as they occur to me. That's how I see it, so that is my truth.

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