When Bad Men have 'Good' Names

With names like 'popcorn', 'porridge', 'winterfresh', it is a wonder our criminals aren't some food burglars who shoplift. However do not be fooled, it takes more than a name to define a man and according to the list of criminal charges being listed alongside these names in the latest news report, they mean serious business. There are killers and rapists running around with names like 'babyface'. Their cold-hearted spirits are not indicated by their names, I am sure most of them have simple enough 'real' names like Tom Brown and Bob Taylor. It seems now that many wanna-be bad men are more willing to have a 'bad man name' than the men actually committing the crimes. Men are posing up calling themselves 'shotta', 'gorrillaface', 'don' and other names that were usually red flags to the police. These wanna-be badmen are taking away the 'bad-man' names from the 'real' bad men but they aren't taking away the fame. How can someone with a name like 'baby killa' not expect to come under scrutiny though, especially if a baby actually got killed in close proximity? And when he is 'harassed', I am sure his family members would be shouting in the street 'George is innocent and them cum kick off wi door. Im a nuh bad man!' Well if 'George' was using his right name then we wouldn't have had this mix-up in the first place, would we?

When I named my son, a lot of humor was made about the fact that it sounded eastern, something from the Bin laden territory. Funny but true, I love his name and most people I know love its uniqueness. I would be disappointed though, if as these terrorist acts continue he becomes scrutinized for his first name regardless of his heritage, parentage or even his last name. 

I am in no way blasting the use of nicknames or any other names (I should note that my reference to 'blasting' has nothing to do with any terror activity, in case I and my blog are being 'monitored'). I am merely saying sometimes when you see your little friend from schooldays named 'sugar' or 'pee-pee bed' with a bulge in his waist or a 'tool' in his hand, you shouldn't be surprised. Criminals come in different shapes and sizes, they come dressed as preachers and teachers, they come short and tall, they don't always come with names like 'thugs', 'rapist' or 'trigger-finger', their names most like are 'Bryan' , 'Carl', 'Bullaman', 'Cheezetrix' or more popularly, 'the boy next door'.

That's my truth, and if a anti-terrorism team attacks I am sticking to it.

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