Badmind and Obeah

Recent occurrences have led me to realize that the greatest captivator or our old folks' hearts is Obeah. They live on the word attributing every bit of bad luck to it. They think is 'badmind mek people obeah mi', and as such hate other people for it. They fail to understand that life is a rolling road of challenges and trials and only perseverance and God can see them through, not a Mother Woman. They instead spew hate from their lips with libelous words of obeah workings and death by the supernatural. I watch them as there lips move and I block my mind to the fact that their generation could ever be related to mine.

Maybe it is the opportunities to relate to persons who have never heard folklore tales that occurs through work, school and travel (into diverse areas) that has led the younger generation of Jamaicans to appreciate the fact that God is the best solutions to trials and that fate is indeed a series of events predestined that includes challenges. Maybe it is the fact that as said in my previous post, I don't believe in Ghosts. Maybe it is because Kingston and Montego bay is enticing a exodus of most young people from the rural areas where folklore is prevalent, and a large percentage of younger Jamaicans have spent some time overseas or is living there. There must be some reason why the belief is dying out and why I do not believe, but I can assure you that for those who believe, there is nothing less than a proclaimation by the Almighty that can prove to them that they aren't under some 'badmind spell'. Whether it be for the man they possess, house, car, land or good looks, people are convinced someone is trying to remove from them whatevor makes them highly favored.

So much more should be taken thanking God for what we have instead of blaming people for trying to remove it. Indeed even life is a gift from God , and in death we shall lose all we hold dear.

I am indifferent to Obeah conversations as they do not go thither or come hither, I instead close my mouth. These stubborn old people are so set in their ways, somebody must have obeahed them.

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