Independence ..From who/what?

Regarding the just concluded independence celebrations, all I can say that it was good not to have been at work.The celebration would have been lost on me, have I not gone to the Grand Gala at the national Stadium. Truth be told it was fun once u were inside. Getting in was another matter all together.

The crowd was awesome, large boisterous, all you would expect from a free concert in Kingston. It was full of pushing shoving, cussing, and of course what would a concert be without a few lost children.

I am free, I guess. Considering there is something to be free from that isn't mental. I am not impeded by any Babylonian system that is trying to get me down. Instead there are stumbling blocks or Colourism and nepotism, blocking any advance that me and my social brothers and sisters are trying to make. But that is just the way it is. If we get rid of the 'wont try attitude', and try, maybe we might. Maybe we will break free mentally when we allow ourselves to learn, break free financial when we allow ourselves to earn, break free spiritually when we stop confining God to the crevices of the exterior world and make him a apart of our inner circle.

Happy independence day.

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