A Case of the 'Fox and The Grape'

Script from Facebook - July 15, about 8:00 am
/**************** *********************/
M- Male
F- Female

7:50am M

8:02am M
why don`t you answer me when i usually greet you bitch?

8:03am F
xcuse me?
u have a bitch at home?
who u think u talking to?

8:04am M
who r u? you`re a bitch bcz most Jamaicain girls r bitches.
i always f@*k them

8:05am F
ok then
nice to confirm u are an asshole
f@*k urself

8:05am M
that`z why i put you in the same rank as them bcz they love so much money.

(at this point I deleted him from my friend list)

And so continues the never ending saga with me and my not-so-wise online habits and stupid men.
Men, I don't know where they get their sentiments from. I don't know why an asshole is such a 'male' trait. I don't know how women actually get in relationships with guys who behave like this. Men should never have to speak to women in any disrespectful way to get their attention and as such they should never get a woman's attention. Foul mouthed men are like babies who are not potty trained, they go and do their business everywhere and do not think of the mess they make. This is also true of men who curse women who 'diss' them by brushing off their advances.
What these men need to understand is that it is impossible for us to make all of them happy and since we are humans we have our own choice to choose whoever we want to be with. Even prostitutes have a right to chose their clients.

This 'boo-hoo-ing', name calling, sketel attitude being betrayed by our men is a disgrace. I am sure more often than not, when women are declined they kindly go and find a corner to hide in, they sure as hell won't try to call down crowd on themselves. But hey, the way our society is, people are quick to believe every trifling thing that comes from a man's mouth about a girl, if it is said loudly enough.
There are many cases when men are brushed off and they go into a long tirade about the many sexual escapades of the offending female, regardless of whether or not he has ever seen before, and of course the many eyes looking on in pity are ashamed for the female, and her 'dutty' lifestyle. They are quick to accept that the man a 'talk har business'. On the other hand, a woman would be playing a dangerous game to encroach on that battlefield as the usual attack on the size of the male organ can easy be turned on her. Our defence is therefore to sulk away - making it even more obvious to the curious eyes that is 'shame she shame'.

We just cant win that argument. Its best we play the bigger person though and observe that even when our tongues are ready for the fight, our reputations are at stake. We just don't know who may be watching, and even though it may seem that many people or on the side of the boisterous male, a few are there who will sympathize.
We grow up, we forget, we move on. We see the same man bothering another girl, we smile, we move on. We tell ourselves the tale of the Fox and the Grapes.

For those who don't know the tale a synopsis courtesy of Wikipedia, "A fox, upon failing to find a way to reach grapes hanging high up on a vine, retreated and said: "The grapes are sour anyway!"".

Let's be the sweet, tempting grapes at the top of the tree, for those seeking the prize and cant get it, lets just continue being "sour anyway".

That's my truth and that's how I plan on living it.

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