Things Not to say 'Incorrectly'

I haven't written a long time. Maybe I was busy, maybe nothing interesting happened, maybe I was caught up with life.I am here now, and write I will.

An interesting thing happened while my friends and I were having lunch today. One of them got a call on his iphone (yep , certain phones you have to call by their name of stand the insult of being a dummy for calling it just a 'phone'). Anyway, the person on the other line asked a question which I am sure our companion did not want to answer, so as such he told the person his mouth was 'otherwise occupied'. Well the next thing we heard was our fellow saying rather 'loudly and annoyed', "yes mi a eat a breast!". Hmmm. What breast? There was a little piece of meat left in his plate yes...but.. What breast?

In these days you have to be extra careful when you are saying certain things on the phone or even in public. You may just be misunderstood. Because the truth of the matter is, even though most of us had a clear mind, on mulling over the statement for a couple of seconds we all burst out in a smirk. Then one of my equally 'clear minded' colleague mentioned that this fellow's hands were also busy. With what may we ask? LOL.

From the misuse of the number 'two' to the clarification of all sentences using the word 'eat', it is like we are traversing literary ice here. We have to be absolutely clear. This is indeed not the time to be talking in haste. A few politicians have fallen on the brunt of the literary and social sword by saying things that they have not taken into the context of different class/levels/social circumstances.

I note that if my boyfriend or any of his friend are mentioning 'eat' in any sentence they clearly define what it is that are eating and sometimes where they are sitting. They will never make the mistake to say, 'u know mi deh pon mi bed a eat'. No dear. That would be social suicide, weapon for ridicule. And I am sure people don't forget the things you want them to, at the pace that you want them to.:-)

I am sure most of us have totally stricken words like 'gay' from common sentences. I myself don't even use it to rhyme. If the place is foggy I try to pronounce the word properly. Imagine me saying 'look pan di fag', in a crowd! I am sure many persons would be simultaneously checking out any male neighbor they may have at the time.LOL.

I tell you, things and times have evolved. I am sure there are many words I have left out. I am sure my dear friends will remind me. That's the truth.

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