Wear blOck if you want to

This timeless tradition of Jamaicans and other riotous nations to block roads is lost on me.I don't understand the destruction of private and public property for the greater 'good'. I just think it dumb and more harmful than helpful, especially for tax payers like me. The thing is that, the nation has to do everything constructively, even protest.

I have to mention the fact that since the government purchased the new public buses, people have been stoning them. I think that that is the definitely the dumbest thing ever. Especially on hearing rumors that persons are doing so because the buses are cutting on the profit made to buses and taxis on these routes, and as the statistics that were released by the Transport Authority stated, most of these vehicles are illegal anyway. What I would like to tell these people is that they are tearing down something that will take their money to be rebuilt. This means that double the tax money will be used on it in the end. That is tax money that the government could be using to do something else.

Jamaicans need to use their brain, they keep tearing down a system that was there before they were born and will be there after they are gone. They block roads for new taxes, killings by gunmen, killing by police, water, for a principal to be dismissed, for a principal to be reinstated.. Its like they are happy for a reason to do so.

Personally I cannot see the joy of running up and down in the sun holding placards. I don't even jump carnival, therefore I am sure you will not see me tiring myself in a senseless act. I would rather use my time to hit the dance floor and 'dagger', but I cant do that since the required songs were banned.. Hmm.. Protest anyone?

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