In All Gayness

Being a human and a Jamaican I will have to comment on the issue of homosexuality, especially given the recent events where homosexuals have launched a website aimed at garnering support for boycotting Jamaica and all Jamaican products. I will not publish the URL for obvious reasons.

I do not believe in violence againts anyone, not even the Death Penalty. This is the main reason these people claim that they are doing such action, we Jamaicans are walking with torches hunting and killing gays - or something like that. They are saying that Jamaica is much too homophobic and violent againts gays to deserve to survive on tourist dollars. They recreate Jamaica as a gay-murdering nation with people seeking out gays just to kill them. They cite whatever incidence and circumstances that they see fit to demonstrate their case. In the end that is their opinion and people are free to choose where they want to spend their money. Each and every person in Jamaica is free to make up their mind on whether they hate gays, love them, or can live with them. I personally find murderers to be more of a threat and of course being a sane non-violent individual I dont give a rats ass if you are gay. My problem is that I dont like to see men acting like girls or to see people imposing their views on others, not even religion. Therefore gays should not be offended either when people who dont apprecite their lifestyle act downright disgusted. Any form on non-acceptance to them is reason enough to stage a dramatic protest, and in our case, try to write off a nation.

The way I see it, do what you want to do. I could easily say that we as black people or decendants of slaves will never forget the sins of the forefathers of these same protesters and declare them as bloodthirsty vagabonds. In recent times even, especially in light of the recent presidential campaign in USA, the roots of racism has been stirred up againts a group far larger than that of homosexuals, the blacks. Yet we did not create a website,we accept that people are individuals and have moved on.

There are prejudices againts fat people, skinny people, white people, black people, poor people and the rich. People in Jamaica and elswhere will always hate gays, and yes homosexuals and the haters are people too. There is nothing anyone can do to stop it, people hate gays in the US , Europe, everywhere. Yet these groups do not target these big countries, they do not boycott states that ban gay marriages and did not pass Proposition 8.

As other persons have said, we are just an easy target..Shoot on!
To all that crap... I am indifferent..

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