Dont need Vowels..I got messenger!

This messenger thing is getting really extreme, I am now emailing and writing letters in messenger language. I sometimes have to re-read my posts so very often because I keep passing off messenger terms as legal in the English Language. I am getting addicted too,I don't smoke, I don't drink, but here I am getting addicted to messenger.TMI?

I think not. It is worst for many other people because I don't talk in messenger, unfortunately, people do.
"That was totally TMI!"
"Tony, BRB"

I know it shortens sentences but for people like me who are just catching on, it is veeerry annoying. I mean you shorten the sentence by two syllables, then you have to respond to the oblivious "uh?", and explain WTH you just said. OMG, doesn't that defeat the purpose?

I am also shortening everything I type, you becomes 'u', because becomes 'bcus'..I am surrendering the use of vowels, slowly but surely. If I am not careful I may soon not have a job, unless yahoo or MSN decides to hire me..

TTYL - tlk to u latr..:)

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